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This is me being JUST Eldredge! Some of you’ve followed me on social media, you watched me build businesses, you’ve seen me travel the world! Now listen to my views on everything from life to love and whatever comes up in between! Stay tuned! Rate, Review, Subscribe!

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“Love this podcast! It keeps getting better and better. I look forward to the Tuesday drop every week. Keep doing your thing sir!”

Lina6-19Faithful Listener

Join Me at The Black Man Lab A Safe and Sacred Space for Us!

The Black Man Lab is a safe & sacred space where an intergenerational gathering of Black Men work together to become “warriors, healers, and builders” In the “Lab” the elements of authentic manhood are shared with all generations of Black men”

The number one question I am asked is what do you do for work?

I love what I do so technically I haven’t worked in a very long time.

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