A little about me!

Welcome family! My name is Eldredge E. Washington. I’m from Monroe, Georgia but I live in Atlanta so I like to consider myself as a country boy that the city loves.

 I am a lover of all things black, especially my people and culture. My mission in life is to serve and bring joy to others and to leave this world better than the way I found it. 

I’m a passionate entrepreneur that loves to build brands that make a great impact in my community. In 2008 I founded a nonprofit organization called M.A.D.E. (Motivated Adults Developing Excellence) which was a leadership development program for youth and young adults. This organization afforded me the opportunity to serve my community while simultaneously motivating young people to become the best version of themselves. In hopes of changing more lives I wrote my first book “Become M.A.D.E. It’s a Lifestyle” which included my formula to creating a good life by building great relationships. While running M.A.D.E., I received a tremendous amount of support from local black-owned businesses and in my attempt to repay them for their contributions I was inspired to start a company called Spendefy. Spendefy is an Atlanta-based tech company founded in 2015 by Eldredge P. Washington, Antwon Davis, and myself. We built a platform to leverage the power of consumerism for economic and social good. We believe supporting local black-owned businesses is one way we can contribute to economic and social good.

Ultimately, I believe in three things: God, family, and community. At the age of 18, I decided to dedicate my life to rebuilding and installing back the pride into our communities. One of the proudest opportunities I have been given is to be the youngest member of Let Us Make Man. Let Us Make Man: The Gathering to Reclaim the Black Family is known for excellence in training, developing and empowering black communities. In addition to Let Us Make Man, I am also a proud member of The Black Man Lab. The Black Man Lab is a safe & sacred space where an intergenerational gathering of Black Men work together to become “warriors, healers, and builders” In the “Lab” the elements of authentic manhood are shared with all generations of Black men.

I love everything that I do but my biggest pleasure in life is hosting the JustEldredge Podcast. As a creative, it is imperative that I express myself as freely and frequently as possible. My podcast has given me a platform to speak my truth while allowing real people to have real conversations about real issues we face everyday. The JustEldredge brand will ultimately become a conglomerate of podcasting, vlogging, and blogging where I will continue to use my voice to empower and energize others to live their lives to the fullest.